Drug Testing In Sports

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Drug Testing In The Work Place

When talking about drug testing in the work place, employers should realize the importance of drug testing cutoff levels which are the minimum concentrations of drugs or metabolites which must be present in specimens before positive results can be reported. The levels that labs can detect will depend on the type of specimen, the tests that are used and the frequency of drug use. Labs that follow the mandatory guidelines will normally conduct initial screening followed by confirmatory tests if the initial screening produces positive results.

Drug Testing In The Workplace

The Wall Street Journal reports that the number of workers in the United States testing positive in drug testing in the workplace has dropped sharply since 1988. Positive tests for cocaine and marijuana in particular have dropped but this may reflect in the growing awareness of workers because other data suggests that marijuana use is increasing. The increasing abuse of prescription drugs is another cause for worry. If you have any qualms about the results of tests performed on you, try SUPREME KLEAN products formulated by experts. These range from home use test kits to detox drinks and cleansing shampoos.

Drug Testing In The Olympics

The use of performance-enhancing drugs dates back to the ancient Olympics and, as drug abuse became rampant, drug testing in the Olympics became a systematic program in which all athletes have to participate and the body that oversees the program is called the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). WADA tries hard to come up with innovative new testing techniques to keep up with the advances in performance-enhancing drug technology. Drug abuse is likely to continue as long as athletes are convinced that the benefits of using these drugs outweigh the possible risks.

Drug Testing In Sport

Drug testing in sport has become an integral part of both professional and amateur sport and in or out of competition; the sportsperson is liable to be tested at any time. Some sports only carry out drug tests on winning teams or the top three athletes while other sports carry out random testing on a sample of all participants. After the sampling procedure, the athlete must fill out a declaration specifying all the medication taken during the week before. If you are a sportsperson facing a test, you can ensure that you do not test positive with the use of SUPREME KLEAN products.

Drug Testing In Sports

Sprinters from Jamaica made a clean sweep of the 100 meters event in both the Beijing and the London Olympics led by Usain Bolt. Though Bolt himself has never failed a drug test, the case for drug testing in sports was strengthened when there were eight positive drug tests this year from the country. Public anger has been intense and the entire commission responsible for drug testing has resigned. This is just another instance of the pressure on top athletes to succeed at any cost.